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Feast of Pottery, St. Johns, Canada (invitation) October 12-14 (Thanksgiving)
Galleri Liisberg, Hundested (invitation) April
Denmark Technical University (Risø) Art Club March-April


Sct. Kjelds Gårds (Danmarks Statistik) Art Club
The International Orton Cone Box Show 2012. Baker University, USA.

Design Museum Denmark. Kunstforeningen af 14. august purchases 2010/11
Danish Arts and Crafts Association annual summer market (11-13 August 2011)

The International Orton Cone Box Show 2010. Baker University, USA
Danish Arts and Crafts Association annual summer market

CEBIKO 2009. 5th World Ceramic Biennale 2009 Korea Int. Competition
Lundbech Art Club
Foreign Ministry Art Club
Danish Arts and Crafts Association annual summer market

Mino International Ceramics Competition, Japan
The International Orton Cone Box Show 2008. Baker University, USA
Design Museum Denmark (Kunstforeningen af 14. august, purchases)
Spring Exhibition “21″. Kunsthal Charlottenborg
Danish Arts and Crafts Association annual summer market

CEBIKO 2007. 4th World Ceramic Biennale Korea Int. Competition
Design Museum Denmark (award winners Applied Arts Award 2007)
58. Weihnachtsshau Kunst – Handwerk – Design, Hannover, Tyskland
Danish Arts and Crafts Association annual summer market

The International Orton Cone Box Show 2006
Summer exhibition. Strand Gallery, Suffolk
Fritz Hansens furniture exhibitions worldwide


CEBIKO. Korea. Honourable mention/diploma

Mino. Japan. Honourable mention/diploma

CEBIKO. Korea. Honourable mention/diploma
Applied Arts Award, bronze medal (Gustav Friederich Hetsch)

Orton Cone Box Show 2006. USA. Purchase award


Knud Højgaards Foundation – scholarship
Applied Arts Scholarship


South Korea, 2007

Japanea of producing objects for everyday use – bowls, cups, vases and various vessels for tealights. Nevertheless, I work on the edge of the functional – sometimes even paper thin. Each object is hand shaped and not two are identical. Hence the description seriel unika (series of one-off pieces) and the brand name thinware.

I work in the highest quality creamy white porcelain clay with a high translucency, which can be molded with the bare hands (in contradiction to slip or glass). I use slab technique or throw on the wheel. Through structures, cuts, joints and molding I apply a graphic and tactile expression to my pieces and I try to maintain a clear sense of the organic properties of the clay in the end result. The shapes and contours emerge through constant experimenting and playing with the material and the techniques.